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Leadership and Governance

Leadership and Governance Overview

All academies within St Hilda’s Catholic Academy Trust are governed by the company’s Members and a board of Executive Directors, also known as Trustees. Directors of St Hilda’s Catholic Academy Trust are appointed by the Members and each academy is represented on the St Hilda’s Catholic Academy Trust Board.

The Trust holds ultimate responsibility for all decisions regarding the running of the individual academies. However, whilst some areas such as finance and HR are managed centrally, the Trust delegates decisions relating to the curriculum, learning and teaching to the Local Management Boards of the individual academies and this enables more focused local control, even though St Hilda’s Academy Trust remains legally responsible. To this end, it encourages rigorous monitoring and self-evaluation at a local level and ensures there is a strong and clear collaborative link between the schools involved.

Further information is available in the Trust’s audited annual accounts (see “Annual Reports, Accounts & Other Financial Information” section) and a more detailed explanation of how governance between the Trust and its academies operates on a daily basis is set out in the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation.  This is included along with further information on governance and the Trust’s Members and Directors in the “Key Governance Documents” section of our website.