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Aims and Objectives

St Hilda’s Catholic Academy Trust Corporate Objectives 2015 – 2018

As a Multi Academy Trust we have clear strategic aims built on our mission and values. Our three-year corporate business plan sets out the following objectives to ensure that as a Trust, the public, parents and stakeholders have confidence in our approach. We aim to deliver the best in:

Ethos and Mission:

Through our Catholic faith, promote the academic, spiritual, emotional and social growth of the individual child, to lead them into understanding and valuing their place in their family of schools. To develop as good citizens who have a deep understanding of social rights and responsibilities.

Leadership and Governance:

To ensure that the Board of Directors acts on behalf of its moral and legal owners in the best interests of the Trust, governing lawfully in accordance with its Articles of Association and having governance arrangements that demonstrate legitimate and visionary leadership, clarity of governing and managerial relationships, effective oversight, adequate support structures for sustainability and to achieve the greatest possible economies.

School Improvement – Teaching & Learning:

To ensure that our academies provide the very best teaching in order to promote and provide high quality learning for our children and young people and that there is support in place for Teachers to achieve this and make a difference for our pupils.

Continued Professional Development:

To implement and develop a CPD programme for our academies with support from local Teaching Alliances to ensure that our staff have the right skills to further raise standards deliver good teaching and learning and disseminate good practice to ensure the rapid improvement.

Quality Assurance:

To ensure that there is a rigorous and robust programme of Quality Assurance that helps to support teachers, build expertise and capacity and raise standards in our academies to deliver positive outcomes for pupils.

Integrated Support & Shared Services:

To ensure that the Trust has business arrangements that are efficient and effective and enables it to deliver on its commitments to grow and prosper and deliver value for money across all of our operations. Delivering best practice, minimisation of risk and for management of resources to be concentrated on the front line of our academies.